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RACGP calls for ‘more action’ following reproductive healthcare report

The Senate Community Affairs References Committee (the Committee) has made 36 recommendations to the Federal Government following its inquiry into universal access to reproductive healthcare.

No move to force public hospitals on abortion

The Senate Community Affairs Committee’s report into universal access to reproductive healthcare has stopped short of recommending public hospitals’ government funding be tied to the provision of abortion services.

Will today’s Senate Inquiry re-ignite hopes for universal public abortion in Australia?

After months of anticipation and delays, Australia’s first-ever Senate Inquiry into universal access to reproductive healthcare is due to be released today.

IUD insertion clinics might solve two problems with one scheme.

IUDs are one of the most effective forms of contraception, but the process of having one inserted can be incredibly painful.

How nurses can improve access to regional reproductive care.

Due to a lack of local services, there are significant barriers for women accessing abortion and contraception in rural and regional Australia.

How nurses can close the gap for regional reproductive health care.

Access to abortion and contraception in rural and regional Australia could be improved wth nurse-led models of care in general practice. 

Calls for copper IUDs to be subsidised by the federal government.

Doctors are calling on the federal government to fund access to non-hormonal IUDs to increase uptake of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs). 

Systemic approaches needed to address wide-ranging inequities affecting women’s health.

Women in Australia have seemingly made significant strides towards equality with men in recent decades despite the World Economic Forum reporting that we are making rather limited progress with Australia 43rd on the global gender gap index. 

‘Tsunami of abortions’: Public hospitals accused of blocking terminations.

Public hospitals have been accused of stonewalling women seeking surgical abortions where senior staff are staunchly pro-life or fear an influx of abortions could cripple their already overstretched resources.

‘A fundamental issue’: RACGP calls for changes to reproductive healthcare.

At a Senate Inquiry, Dr Nicole Higgins and Professor Danielle Mazza will be pushing for greater support for GP training to build workforce capacity.

Women share difficulties and stigma around accessing abortion care with Senate inquiry.

Access to abortion services is one of the areas the inquiry has heard about.

Push to make abortion more accessible.

Recertification for GP providers is one of the barriers experts are calling to be lifted to ensure accessibility across Australia. 

‘So far from science’: GPs desperate to debunk sexual health myths on social media.

Doctors are fighting an uphill battle against misinformation about sexual health and contraception – including yoghurt-based thrush remedies, “cancer-causing” contraception, and requests for genital surgery – as young people increasingly turn to social media for medical advice.

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