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Our work aims to uncover and address the significant barriers that limit women’s access to essential sexual and reproductive health services. Explore our projects, review our strategies, or learn how to get involved and help us transform the lives of Australian women.

SPHERE is focused on the following key areas that inform the delivery of women’s sexual and reproductive health services:

Building system and workforce capacity

We innovate strategies to ensure the Australian primary care workforce adequately addresses women's sexual and reproductive health needs, including trialling alternative service delivery methods to enhance accessibility, particularly in rural and regional areas.

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Addressing consumer needs

Understanding consumer needs and preferences is also important in helping women achieve optimal sexual and reproductive health.

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Using data to advance knowledge

Health data sets are useful in gaining insights into the state of women's sexual and reproductive health in Australia and identifying gaps in service provision.

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Our research program currently includes four large trials in primary care: the AusCAPPS Network, ORIENT Study, ALLIANCE Trial and Endo-MP. We are also undertaking projects that are focused on improving the sexual and reproductive health of priority populations.

The AusCAPPS Network

The Australian Contraception and Abortion Primary Care Practitioner Support Network (AusCAPPS) improves equitable access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and early medical abortion (EMA) services in primary care. To support the expansion of best-practice service delivery across Australia, the AusCAPPS Network connects EMA and LARC providers through peer-networking opportunities and access to resources and training.

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The ORIENT Study

Australian women living in rural and regional areas experience many barriers to accessing long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and early medical abortion (EMA) services. The ORIENT Study is investigating how the quality, availability and accessibility of LARC (including intrauterine devices and implants) and EMA might be improved using a nurse-led model of care in general practice.

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This co-designed project aims to support the use of effective contraception among women at high risk of unintended pregnancy by introducing private consultations, contraceptive counselling and referral services in a community pharmacy setting.

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Endo-MP Project

The Endo-MP project aims to develop and implement an Endometriosis Management Plan to support the navigation and management of endometriosis and pelvic pain for providers and their patients through primary care settings and is expected to improve the quality of life for individuals with the condition and reduce associated economic costs.

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This project will harness social media to increase the knowledge and uptake of the most contraceptive methods among women who are at high risk of unintended pregnancy.

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The ACCORd Trial

The purpose of the ACCORd trial was to evaluate if a complex intervention in general practice can increase LARC uptake among women attending a general practice.

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Interested in furthering your studies in the field of women's sexual and reproductive health? Connect with our team of clinical and academic experts, research fellows and students who are working together to address evidence-practice gaps in women'sexual and reproductive healthcare in Australia.

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