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Addressing consumer needs

Our research program is also focused on understanding the needs and preferences of women when it comes to the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services. This will inform the design of interventions that can help women achieve their individual reproductive goals.

From reproductive coercion to rural women's reproductive rights, SPHERE is working closely with women at the consumer level to ensure better sexual and reproductive health outcomes for all women across Australia, especially among high-risk and vulnerable groups.


The aim of this study to test the impact of a contraceptive education video on the knowledge, attitudes and preferences of young women from priority populations in Australia towards contraception.

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Rural women's reproductive rights: exploring access to preferred reproductive health services in the bush

This project will explore the prevalence and characteristics of unintended pregnancy in rural Australia and the experiences of those participants who considered abortion but continued their current pregnancy.

A qualitative study examining access to sexual and reproductive health services for women during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed challenges to the accessiblity of high-quality abortion care. This study aims to explore lived experiences of abortion care during the pandemic in Australia.

What are women’s preferences about lifestyle risk reduction during the interconception period?

This project seeks to understand the interconception lifestyle risk reduction preferences of women who have had two or more pregnancies.


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The preferences of women in Australia for the features of long-acting reversible contraception: results of a discrete choice experiment (2022)

Haas M, Church J, Street DJ, Bateson D, Fisher J, Taft A, Black KI, Lucke J, Hussainy SY, McGeechan K, Norman W, Mazza D

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