Kira Percival-Cobb

Monash University, Victoria

Honours research project name: Supporting endometriosis diagnosisand management: What referral pathways exist?

Kira joined the SPHERE research team as an honours student in 2024 after graduating from her double degree; a Bachelor of Science and Arts in 2023. During her undergraduate degree she focused her studies on Immunology, Psychology and Microbiology.

Kira's honours research will be part of the Endometriosis Management Plan Project, where she will be under the supervision of Dr. Sharinne Crawford, and co-supervised by Dr. Alissia Kost and Professor Danielle Mazza. Kira's honours project aims to determine what HealthPathways currently exist in relation to the diagnosis and management of endometriosis; as well as investigating General Practitioners' views and experiences using HealthPathways.