Brianna Pike

La Trobe University, Victoria

PhD research project name: Understanding the intersections: Exploring Survivors' Experiences of Reproductive Coercion.

As a current doctoral candidate pursuing a Doctor of Public Health at the Judith Lumley Centre, La Trobe University Brianna's research focuses on examining the profound impacts of reproductive coercion on survivors' lives.

With a social work background, she has dedicated her career to working with individuals and communities affected by trauma and interpersonal violence. Throughout her clinical practice, Brianna has provided support to women who have experienced reproductive coercion—a multifaceted challenge exacerbated by systemic barriers, including limited access to long-lasting reversible contraception and abortion services. Through first-hand experience, she has gained invaluable insights into the complex intersectionality of violence and reproductive health.

Beyond theoretical exploration, Brianna is actively involved in developing practical interventions and support services tailored to empower survivors of reproductive coercion and the professionals who assist them. By combining academic pursuits with practical expertise, she is committed to making meaningful contributions to the field and catalysing positive change in addressing these critical issues.