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The ORIENT Study

ImprOving Rural and regIonal accEss to long acting reversible contraceptioN and medical abortion through nurse-led models of care, Tasksharing and telehealth.

            About the study


The ORIENT study is implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of a collaborative nurse-led model of care in general practice that aims to increase access to long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) and early medical abortion (EMA) for women living in regional and rural Australia.


We have worked closely with consumers, primary care practitioners and partner organisations to co-design the ORIENT nurse-led model of care that places practice nurses at the forefront of delivering contraception and EMA services.


            Who can join the ORIENT study?

Are you a general practitioner (GP) or practice nurse (PN) working in a rural or regional general practice who wants to improve access to LARCs and EMA for your patient population? 

If so, ORIENT may be of interest to you. We are actively recruiting general practices in rural and regional Australia to implement the nurse-led model of care for provision of LARC and EMA services.


Eligible practices must have at least two GPs and one PN enrol into the study, and a practice manager who will serve as a study liaison. 


              What will GPs and PNs get from                                   participating in this study? 


Access to an “implementation bundle” to support delivery of LARC and EMA services using the nurse-led model of care. 

Components of the implementation bundle include: 

  • Free online accredited LARC and EMA training

  • Educational outreach via an online 60-minute session to discuss practical strategies for implementing the nurse-led model, tailored to each clinic setting  

  • Enrolment into an Australia-wide virtual Community of Practice for access to clinical experts, discussions with like-minded clinicians and resources to support delivery of LARC and EMA services.


              Reimbursement and CPD Points



Upon completing all components of the implementation bundle, GPs will receive $500 and PNs will receive $200. Practice managers will receive a $100 gift card for participation in the educational outreach session and for serving as the study liaison.

At the end of the study, each participating practice will receive a single reimbursement of $500


The implementation bundle is undergoing CPD accreditation. Individual training activities in the bundle attract CPD points (if not undertaken previously) as described below: 

  • Contraceptive implant insertion and removal training: RACGP accredited for 4 CPD activity points

  • LARC and EMA education: RACGP accredited for 6 CPD activity points 


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