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Joly is the Community of Practice Project Officer for the AusCAPPS Network. Her research background was in developmental biology using pluripotent stem cell and zebrafish models. Joly moved into teaching at the Foundation Studies program where she had been instrumental in developing the Biology curriculum and creating a variety of hands-on and online interactive resources to enhance her students’ learning experience. Joly’s main passion is applying eLearning technology to support pedagogy and to engage the audience in learning asynchronously. She enjoys researching the different eLearning platforms and has since facilitated training workshops to support teaching staff in using these digital tools in their blended teaching environments.



Mae is a Registered Nurse with interests in nursing education and healthcare research. She has an extensive nursing background in perioperative nursing and intensive care. Mae works as a Sessional Academic in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Monash University, where she teaches perioperative nursing, medico-legal and ethics, clinical nursing assessments, global health and cultural competence. Mae completed a Bachelor of Science degree where she cultivated a strong passion in research and health sciences. Her previous research experience is in anaesthetic and perioperative medicine where she worked as a Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator. Mae is enthusiastic about women's health, and has a keen interest in women's safety to medical and surgical procedures, access, rights, and equity to healthcare. She has joined SPHERE as the Clinical Trials Coordinator for the ORIENT study.

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