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Preconception care is focused on optimising a woman's health prior to conception to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes.  Although there have been attempts to improve the delivery of preconception care, barriers still exist. These include lack of resources to assist in the delivery of guideline recommendations and difficulty targeting patients who are most at risk.


SPHERE is investigating these barriers and will focus on methods or tools that can be used to implement  the preconception care guidelines from Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.


Understanding and provision of preconception care by general practitioners

Nathalie V. Kizirian, Kirsten I. Black, Loretta Musgrave, Charlotte Hespe, Adrienne Gordon

Preconception care

Edwina Dorney, Kirsten I Black

Pre-pregnancy body mass index and the risk of antenatal depression and anxiety

Sara Holton, Jane Fisher, Hau Nguyen, Wendy J.Brown, Thach Tran

The fertility management experiences of Australian women with a non-communicable chronic disease: findings from the Understanding Fertility Management in Contemporary Australia Survey

Sara Holton, Aberaami Thananjeyan, Heather Rowe, Maggie Kirkman, Lynne Jordan, Kathleen McNamee, Christine Bayly, John McBain, Vikki Sinnott, Jane Fisher

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