Professor Danielle Mazza (Monash University)

Professor Kirsten Black (The University of Sydney)

Professor Angela Taft (La Trobe University)

Professor Jayne Lucke (La Trobe University)

Dr Deborah Bateson (Family Planning NSW)

Dr Kathleen McNamee (Family Planning Victoria)

Dr Maria de Leon-Santiago (Monash University)

Dr Safeera Hussainy (Monash University)

Dr Asvini Subasinghe (Monash University)

Dr Natalie Amos (Monash University)

Ms Pip Buckingham (Monash University)

Ms Jessica Moulton (Monash University)

Ms Seema Deb (Monash University)


Australasian Sexual Health and HIV Nurses Association

Ms Joanne Perks

Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine

Ms Jessica Michaels

Australian Medical Students' Association Sexual and Reproductive Health 
Ms Eli Cropp

Ms Mikaela Dunn


Australian Women’s Health Nurse Association

Ms Lorna Scott

Bayer Australia
Ms Caryn Santhana Dass

Centre of Excellence in Rural Sexual Health
Associate Professor Jane Tomnay

Ms Kylie Stephens

Children by Choice
Ms Daile Kelleher
Ms Molly Howes

Ms Rachael Smith

Clinic 66

Dr Emma Boulton

Family Planning NSW

Dr Deborah Bateson

Family Planning VIC

Dr Kathleen McNamee
Dr Catherine Kirby


Family Planning Welfare Association of NT

Dr Jacqui Murdoch

Gippsland Primary Health Network

Dr Liz Wearne


Iris Education

Dr Kay Strom

Dr Fiona Mack

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

Ms Di Collins

Karolinska Institute

Professor Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson

Marie Stopes Australia

Dr Catriona Melville

Dr Philip Goldstone

Public Health Association of Australia (Women's Health Special Interest Group)

Professor Angela Dawson

Dr Geraldine Vaughan

Associate Professor Suzanne Belton

Professor Angela Taft


Queensland Sexual Health Society

Dr Judith Dean

Sexual Health Quarters

Dr Cathy Brooker



Dr Helen Calabretto


South Australian Abortion Action Coalition

Ms Brigid Coombe

Dr Jane Baird

The Institute of Urban Indigenous Health 

Dr Caroline Harvey

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Dr Richelle Douglas

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Dr Charlotte Hespe

Dr Magdalena Simonis

The Royal Women's Hospital

Dr Patricia Moore

The University of British Columbia

Professor Wendy Norman

The University of Edinburgh

Professor Sharon Cameron


The University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice:

Professor Meredith Temple-Smith


The University of Queensland

Professor Heather Douglas

Dr Judith Dean


TRUE Relationships and Reproductive Health

Ms Sharon Stokell 

University of California, San Francisco

Professor Daniel Grossman


Women’s Health Grampians:

Ms Shannon Hill

XYZ Lab - Gender + Place:

Associate Professor Nicole Kalms

Clinicians with expertise in primary care and/or women’s sexual and reproductive health

Dr Alexandra Bonner

Dr Meredith Frearson

Dr Michael Gannon

Dr Sally Sweeney

Dr Simon Wilson

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