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Consumer Advisory


The SPHERE Centre of Research Excellence undertakes collaborative research that is aimed at developing innovative, evidence-based models of care that will improve the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services to Australian women through primary care.

SPHERE is seeking expressions of interest from consumers and members of our community who would like to be meaningfully involved in providing advice on projects within the SPHERE research program and also on future research priorities.  We recognise the immense value that these partnerships can have in ensuring that our research is relevant and will have an impact on the community.


It is expected that members will contribute information on their experiences, particularly in accessing sexual and reproductive health services in primary care, and that they have an interest in improving the delivery of these services to Australian women.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the SPHERE Consumer Advisory Group, please review the guidelines and terms of reference and complete an Expression of Interest form.  For further information, please email

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