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Coalition members have identified the following issues and are committed to advocating

for change to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women*

Contraception-related issues:

  1. Provision of long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) insertions

  2. Extended use of LARCs

  3. Over-the-counter (OTC) access to emergency contraception and other contraception

  4. Task sharing and nurse-led models for providing contraception

  5. Providing evidence to support online access to contraceptive services

  6. Advocacy for free contraception in hospitals, including early postnatal LARC insertion

  7. Expand contraceptive options for women in Australia (e.g. self-administered Depo Provera and desogestrel POPs)

Abortion-related issues:

  1. TGA restrictions on MS2step and mandatory requirements in abortion protocols

  2. Advocacy to change classification of medical abortion and surgical abortion as essential services

  3. Travel restrictions and access to care for women

  4. Increasing the number of new providers and supporting existing providers of medical abortion in primary health care setting (GP and Nurses)

  5. Public hospital abortion service provision

General sexual and reproductive health issues:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment requirements in delivery sexual and reproductive health care

  2. Access to contraception and abortion for the following groups:

    • Indigenous women

    • Women from CALD backgrounds

    • Young women (under 25 years of age)

    • Women experiencing family violence or reproductive coercion

    • Women in regional and remote areas

    • Women without permanent residency (without Medicare)

    • Women experiencing unemployment and financial difficulties

  3. Workforce training needs to increase contraception and medical abortion provision in primary care​

*The Coalition uses women as an inclusive and broad term that refers to and acknowledges the diversity in needs and experiences of all people who may access and use sexual and reproductive health services

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